Discover a step-by-step framework that will teach you how to lead with confidence and compassion so that you can build strong relationships with your team, mobilize them to do great work, and infuse your own role with more fulfillment, purpose, and balance.

You're a leader delivering technology solutions, and you've got a tremendous amount on your plate.

Your to-do list is endless...
... and you're working way too many hours trying to get everything done.

You're always on the go putting out fire after fire...
... and there's never time to catch up, take a breath, and strategize a more efficient way to work.

And while your workload is overwhelming...
... what really stresses you out is leading and keeping your talented team.

Because it's one thing to do your own work...
... and a completely different thing to guide, manage, and inspire others and get them all working productively together.

It's that arena of leadership where you feel like a fish out of water.

 You’re unsure of how to build relationships with the members on your team…... and there are times you need to have difficult conversations and don’t know what to say.

You understand the vision that you need to mobilize your team around...
... but it's hard to communicate that vision with them and get them engaged to define the strategy to accomplish it.

This feeling of disconnection may be made all the harder if you're working across cultures...
... and have already found it challenging to navigate the complexity of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

You know the key to your success - both in your role and with your company overall - is to develop your team into one connected, valued, and truly happy unit...
... and with out the framework and the guidance to teach you exactly how to do it, you're left struggling on your own, while feeling unsure, overworked, stressed, and alone.

Hear this: you're not alone

Knowing how to create a happy, collaborative, and valued team is a challenge for MANY leaders...
... especially technology leaders who are typically solely motivated by checking off tasks and completing projects.

They have plenty of training and experience in the "technical skills" they need to do their jobs well...
... but pretty much ZERO training in the "hard skills" and "soft skills" that are essential for effective leadership.

Those skills include:

  • Aligning people around a shared purpose

  • Developing win-win relationships towards reaching shared goals

  • Delegating effectively to develop others

  • Showing - and sharing - gratitude and appreciation

  • Developing a deeper sense of self-awareness

  • Having transformational conversations

  • Managing overwhelm and stress

  • Leading with empathy and compassion

  • Developing self-confidence to overcome imposter syndrome

Trying to manage a team without a strong grasp of these skills not only makes leadership difficult and ineffective...
... but it makes your work life in general extremely taxing.

Because instead of creating a team which is a valued and energized unit that works cohesively... feels like YOU are the sole person burdened with the responsibility.

That approach takes a HUGE toll on you as a leader...
...and it also negatively impacts your personal life.

You might be physically, mentally, or emotionally absent from your family and friends...
... and have no work-life balance to enjoy out-of-work activities that further enrich your life's journey.

So, you want to develop and continually increase these essential "hard skills" and "soft skills"...
...for you to finally feel CONFIDENT that you know how to lead and grow a happy team and YOU, in turn, to build upon that confidence to feel much happier too!

The good news is...

... the framework you need to learn these skills and increase your confidence and happiness as a leader is HERE.

It's a framework that will help you to:

  • Create a shared purpose for your team and the projects at hand

  • Learn how to grow partnerships and foster relationships with your team members and stakeholders

  • Discover your leadership style and how to be a happy leader of a happy team

  • Increase your awareness of your skills and strengths and those of your team

  • Grow in “mental fitness” to manage your stress, ease burnout, and become energized again

  • Activate deeper conversations and provide effective feedback

Overall, it’s a framework that will help you start THRIVING as a leader, add massive value to your team and your company, and produce work from yourself and your team that is high-quality, efficient, and results-driven.

I know it may seem hard to imagine making such a huge shift, especially if you’re really struggling in your leadership role right now… …but not only is it possible, it’s 100% doable.

And I know this to be true because I’ve experienced it myself, and helped many tech leaders like you do the same.

I’ve experienced firsthand the difference a leader can make in promoting healthy or toxic cultures, and it’s important to me that all leaders — including YOU — learn to become the best versions of themselves, at work and at home. I started my career as a developer at a software consulting company in South Africa, and in my early 20s, I emigrated with my family to Canada and then the United States, where I worked for six years at a global software and consulting organization.

In 1995, I joined Capital Group, a privately held investment management organization based in Los Angeles. I worked there for 16 years until 2011, when I decided to make another big move and relocate to New York City where I worked as an independent senior consultant at Morgan Stanley and decided to get my coaching credentials. I’m now based in the Pacific Northwest running my own successful coaching business.

For over 20 years, I have delivered technology solutions in the corporate environment while managing, mentoring, and coaching individuals to develop their leadership, interpersonal, and technical skills. I’ve worked with executives in both business and technology to develop and implement strategic business technology roadmaps, and my accomplishments at Capital Group include establishing a Program Management Office and a Technology Business Office. I was also part of the cross-functional working group for a global IT-wide Transformation Program. 

There were also portions of my career where I had to deliver positive and constructive feedback to my team members, and wished that I had the tools and courage to provide constructive feedback to those above me. I felt that I needed to simply “suck it up” when reporting to someone who did not seem as open. I wish I felt more empowered at the time.

In new roles, I didn’t always feel I had an equal seat at the table. My inferiority complex made me “play small” at times, and I wish I had the confidence to speak up in all meetings, not just some.

It’s these types of experiences that have made me so passionate about helping tech leaders grow their leadership skills and their confidence.

Now, I want you to have the tools and the ability to overcome the overwhelm and extreme stress that can be so common among tech leaders so that you can instead assess how to spend your time more strategically and valuably on what’s important, create a cohesive team you can rely on, and feel more in control of your work and personal life.

If you're ready to make this critical shift, I can't wait to show you how.


Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech

with practical, proven tools and techniques

Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Teach

will give you:

  • 8 Learning Modules

    That will lead you step-by-step through the framework that will help you lead with more confidence and compassion.

  • 18 Tools

    To help you dig deeper into what you're learning in the course and implement it into your work.

Module One


We’ll kick off the course with an overview of what it takes to build a happy team and why your work life will be better and more valued when you have one. You’ll learn about your course instructor, Diane Chang, and the background behind her “WHY” in creating the program. You’ll also formulate your own WHY for what you want to get out of the course.

In this module, we’ll use the following tool:
  • "My Why" Worksheet
  • My Personal Time Analysis

Module Two

Grounding Yourself, Your Team, and Your Projects in Purpose

In Module Two, we’ll focus on PURPOSE and how to create a shared purpose for your team and your projects. You’ll learn how to draft a team guide, as well as the most essential elements you need to consider for your projects. You will have what you need to align your stakeholders and your team so that you can deliver effectively and efficiently.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
  • Team Purpose Template to help you draft your own team’s shared purpose for your work and goals together

  • Team Guide Template to help you clearly define your team’s capabilities, roles, skills, processes, plans, and interactions

  • Project Management Wheel Template to help draft the purpose of the projects your team works on, along with key considerations for successful planning and execution

  • Backlog Management Template to help you better manage your team's work at the macro and micro level views

  • Cost Estimating Template to assess the low and high range cost estimates for a project

Module Three

Building Partnerships and Relationships

In Module Three, we’ll discuss PARTNERSHIPS and why they’re so important. You’ll explore who you need to build relationships with inside your team and outside your team, as well as how you add value to others by being a partner to them.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
  • Developing Trust in Relationships Template that will help you focus on developing deeper trust in your relationships

  • Team Partnerships Template that will help you identify and build relationships-outside of your team

  • Project Partnerships Template that will help you identify and engage all project team stakeholders and participants

  • Personal Partnerships Template that will help you identify current and new relationships that you want to develop

Module 4

Developing Your Presence as a Leader

In Module Four, we’ll explore your current leadership PRESENCE and how you want to ultimately show up as a leader. We’ll analyze your current behavior and how that may be helping or harming your leadership goals, and then talk about different types of leadership approaches. We’ll also discuss how to show gratitude and appreciation with your team towards building a happier team.

In this module, we’ll use the following tool:
  • Your Leadership Presence Self-Assessment to reflect on where you would like to improve your leadership presence

Module Five

Your Team Qualities

In Module Five, you’ll focus on learning more about yourself and each member of your team. You’ll explore the industry knowledge that you have individually and collectively, including the soft skills, hard skills, and tech skills. You’ll also reflect on if your team as a whole is working together “as a team” or “in a team”.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
  • Personal Growth Template that will help you and your team members to plan their careers based on personal strengths, preferences, and areas for development

  • Delegation Template that will help you to become a more effective delegator for mutual benefit

  • Important/Urgent Template that will help you to prioritize more effectively for yourself and your team

  • Valued Contributions Template to help team members engage more deeply with each other

Module Six

Positive Intelligence® and Building Mental Fitness

In Module Six, we’ll discuss the importance of having strong mental fitness through Positive Intelligence®. We’ll also discuss the “Sage” powers that support healthy mental fitness and the “Saboteurs” that can get in the way.

In this module, we’ll use the following tool:

Module Seven

Advancing and Developing Your Conversational Intelligence®

In Module Seven, we’ll explore how to activate more powerful conversations. We’ll discuss why it’s important to create your conversational skills and the three levels of conversations that you can tap into. We’ll also explore various conversational techniques that can significantly elevate your conversational intelligence.

In this module, we’ll use the following tool:
  • Conversation Reflection Template to help you develop greater awareness of conversations that may or may not be serving you well

Module Eight

Wrap up

In our final module, we will focus on bringing everything together. We’ll review the highlights of the course, as well as assess what you’ve learned so you can continue your momentum moving forward.

In this module, we’ll use the following tool:
  • Your Current Skills Self-Assessment

Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech: A Framework to Grow Your Confidence, Ease Your Burnout, and Build a Happy Team 

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Join Diane and other course participants inside the online community where you can ask questions, join discussions, and learn from other leaders in tech.

Whew - that's a lot of value!

Need a recap?

Here's what's included in Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech

  • 8 Learning Modules (paced to allow 20-30 minutes of learning each week)

  • 15 tools (and, I keep adding more!)

  • Online Community Bonus


“The Purpose exercise and Team Guide helped me overcome my fears about taking on a new role in a different part of the organization. After tackling the highest priority topics, the exercise and guide accelerated my transition into the new role.”

“Having specific ways to build trust with others has helped me to develop partnerships much quicker, along with enhancing my communication skills in contentious meetings.”

“Love all the planning artifacts. These are awesome! They are so helpful and I can't wait to use them with my team.”

“The course addresses so many important topics and they are all well covered! Thanks for putting this together.”

“The templates from the Purpose module have been incredibly helpful. A huge time-saver that pays for the course!”

Ready to feel confident about leading your team and happier about your work life overall?

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Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech
Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech
Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech
You'll receive:

8 Recorded Video Modules, delivered weekly

18 Tools

Online Community Bonus

You'll receive:

8 Recorded Video Modules, delivered weekly

18 Tools

Online Community Bonus

PLUS an e-copy of Chapter 1 of Diane's book: "Cool, Calm, and Respected: 8 Concepts for Work and Home"

PLUS 3 Live Group Coaching Calls with Diane

You'll receive:

8 Recorded Video Modules, delivered weekly

18 Tools

Online Community Bonus

PLUS an e-copy of Chapter 1 of Diane's book: "Cool, Calm, and Respected: 8 Concepts for Work and Home"

PLUS 4 Live Group Coaching Calls with Diane

PLUS the 6-week Online Positive Intelligence® Program App and Community (valued at $995) - available after the last module

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or 3 payments of
or 3 payments of

Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech


Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech


Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can dive into the course for the first 30 days and begin learning the framework to enhance your leadership impact. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can request a refund within 30 days. This entire program is designed to help you put the knowledge that you’re learning into action. If you request a refund, you will lose access to the entire class.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I have access to the material?

    You’ll have immediate access to Module One, as soon as you enroll in the program. The remaining modules will be released each week. You will have forever access to the course materials.

  • How much time should we set aside per week?

    Every individual will go at their own pace, but you should expect to set aside 30 minutes per week to complete each video and review the related tools. You can also set aside time during the week to apply your learnings for the week, or put them into practice as part of your daily activities.

  • How do I ask questions or get feedback during the program?

    Submit your questions via email to [email protected].

  • How long is the program?

    The program has 8 modules released over 10 weeks. This is to ensure a steady pace and to allow reflection and application between weeks.

  • What is the Positive Intelligence® Program?

    The Positive Intelligence® Program is a powerful 6-week program to develop your mental fitness. It strengthens your ability to shift from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self). It is valued at $995, and if you sign up for the Platinum option, you will be automatically enrolled after the last module of this course. It has made a significant impact on many of my coaching clients, and I would love for you to have the same opportunity.

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YOUR TEAM is the ticket to a more energizing, fulfilling, and happy work life — for you and for them.

But first you need to learn how to become the leader that can create that environment.

If you’re ready to finally feel confident in your leadership abilities, deliver awesome work, AND feel purposeful and balanced in your job… 

…then Enhance Your Leadership Impact in Tech: A Framework to Grow Your Confidence, Ease Your Burnout, and Build a Happy Team is for you.